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Perforated Panels

Your trusted experts in bespoke perforated metal panel manufacturing for a wide range of applications.

Our perforated panels for installation are suitable for:

All of our products are custom manufactured for every project and quality controlled to the highest standard, so no edging strips or raw edges will be seen.

Our specialised service fits the perforated pattern to fit your panels and bring your designs to life. The unique feature of our service is that virtually any shape of panel can be perforated, with a huge range of holes and patterns. Complex panel shapes can be manufactured with great precision using our laser profiling machine in conjunction with our CNC punching machines.

EE Ingleton Engineering - perforated metal panels
EE Ingleton Engineering Perforated Metal Cladding Panels

Quality Controlled Perforated Panel Manufacturing

At EE Ingleton Engineering, we produce the highest quality of perforated panels and can help with the following architectural metalwork:

Perforated Panel Size and Custom Design

The maximum size of perforated panels we can manufacture is influenced by the material thickness and specification, together with the pattern required.

PicPerf© perforated patterns at almost photographic resolution

Flat Panel

Standard maximum flat panel size is 3000mm x 1500mm. We can extend to up to 3500mm long in certain circumstances, just ask for details.


Discs can be manufactured in one piece up to a maximum diameter of 1.5m. Above this size, manufacture in halves or segments is common.

Bespoke Designs

Our perforating division provides a specialised advice and manufacturing service designed to meet each customer’s individual perforation requirements.

High-Quality Materials

We can perforate most ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plastics and polypropylene and we have no minimum order quantity.

Punch Capacity

We have tooling capacity to punch up to sizes of 100mm diameter and 70mm square holes. These sizes are dependent upon material specification and sheet or component thickness.

Hole Shape & Size

We can manufacture up to 20 different hole sizes or hole shapes in the same panel. Larger hole sizes can be produced on our laser profiling machine. Hole shapes can be chosen from our comprehensive tooling *library which is continually growing.

Specialist Tooling

Manufacturing on C.N.C. controlled machines linked to offline CAD/CAM programming gives accuracy and consistency of product on production.


All of our panels are hand finished to remove all sharp panel edges and corners, to ensure a product that is safe to handle & ready for installation.

Your requirements determine our design parameters.

* If your pattern requirement is not in our current range, we can manufacture new tooling to suit.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Perforated Metal Balustrade Panels

Industry Leading Perforating Manufacturing Machinery

With extensive knowledge of both applications and the required perforated panel manufacturing technology, we use highly flexible CAD-CAM sectional perforating technology, together with laser profiling and CNC forming machines.

At EE Ingleton, our aim is to offer cost-effective and custom solutions to your requirements, from aesthetic architectural applications to engineering components for use in arduous and hostile environments.

We are able to draw on our design and manufacturing experience in supplying perforated panels to the animal feed and by-products, quarrying and reclamation industries etc.

All of these industries have extensive requirements for perforated sheet products for grinding, mixing, and screening applications. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to advise and design your panels and components for the best results.

EE Ingleton Engineering Perforated Panel Service

Our perforating division provides a specialised advice and manufacturing service designed to meet each customer’s individual perforation requirements.

All materials used in production are of prime quality with evidence of material certificates or letters of conformity which can be supplied as required. High-value and special finish materials are normally coated on one or both sides, with a removable coating to provide surface protection during production and transportation.

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At EE Ingleton Engineering, we offer a bespoke perforating service manufacturing to customers’ individual order requirements. Our aim is to achieve our target of despatching perforated panels within three working weeks of order acknowledgement. Depending on workload, we can often reduce this lead time and pride ourselves on our flexibility. We work closely with our customers on each project to ensure that final adjustments and snagging lists are met on time. Foreseeable delays due to new tooling requirements will be discussed at the time of quotation and delays due to material availability will be advised at order acknowledgement. We also aim to keep you advised of any developments during the process of your order.


We have extensive experience in perforating most types of commercial ferrous and non-ferrous metals including pre-galvanised sheet, aluminium, and stainless steels. Post-perforating treatments such as polishing, plating, anodising powder coating or shot blasting can be arranged as required.

bespoke perforated metal panel manufacturing

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Based in Sheffield, the City of Steel itself, EE Ingleton was first established in 1975 when we supplied wearing parts to the animal feed and by-products quarrying and reclaiming industries.

Over the years our ongoing success is based on total dedication to customer service and our expertly produced products. We pride ourselves on producing bespoke and high-quality perforated panels whilst providing expert technical advice to all our clients, from small to multi-national companies.