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Decorative Cladding Panels

Durable, custom-made perforated metal cladding panels to suit a wide range of environments.

Our perforated cladding panels are custom manufactured for every project.

We ensure that all our products are produced to the highest quality to ensure that no edging strips or raw edges are visible.

EE Ingleton Engineering Perforated Metal Cladding Panels
EE Ingleton Engineering Perforated Metal Cladding Panels

Commercial Cladding Panels

We have supplied a wide range of high-profile non-decorative and decorative cladding panels for projects, including:

See our picture gallery for a full range.

Industry Leading Equipment

We have many years of experience in manufacturing cladding panels and have state-of-the-art facilities in-house to produce your designs. This includes:

The unique feature of our service is that we can create bespoke designs of almost any shape of panel and these cladding panels can be perforated with any number of holes to suit your requirements.

We have a wide range of existing tooling. However, if you need something bespoke, our specialist team can assist in providing expert advice to facilitate your request.

EE Ingleton Engineering Perforated Metal Cladding Panels

Cladding Panel Sizes

The maximum size of panels we can manufacture is influenced by the material thickness and specification, together with the pattern required.

We work to your requirements and design parameters.

All of our panels are hand finished to remove all sharp panel edges and corners. This ensures a product that is safe to handle and ready for installation.

Cladding Panel Finishes

We offer powder coating, anodising, and hot dip galvanising finishes. We have the tooling capacity to punch up to sizes of 100mm diameter and 70mm square holes. However, these sizes are dependent upon material specification and sheet or component thickness.

We can also manufacture up to 20 different hole sizes, or hole shapes in the same panel. Larger hole sizes can be produced on our laser profiling machine.

Hole shapes can be chosen from our comprehensive tooling library which is continually growing. If your requirement is not in our range, we can often manufacture new tooling to suit.


Decorative Cladding Panel Manufacturers in Sheffield

Based in Sheffield, the city of steel itself, EE Ingleton was first established in 1975 when we supplied wearing parts to the animal feed and by-products quarrying and reclaiming industries.

Over the years, our ongoing success is based on total dedication to customer service and our expertly produced products. We pride ourselves on producing bespoke and high-quality products whilst providing expert technical advice to all our clients, from small to multi-national companies.

EE Ingleton Engineering Perforated Metal Cladding Panels