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Metal Staircase Infill Panels

State-of-the-art metal staircase panels custom made for a wide range of environments.

At EE Ingleton we produce the highest quality metal staircase perforated panels which are perfect for use in the following areas:

All of our perforated panels can be custom designed and manufactured with the use of our specialist equipment. Our products are manufactured to the highest standard to ensure there are no visible edging strips or raw edges so you can be sure that your installations are of the highest quality.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels

Custom Metal Staircase Panels

At EE Ingleton, we have the benefit of specialist CNC punching machines. This allows us to produce virtually any shape of panel that can be perforated with numerous holes to meet your specifications.

We are able to produce complex panel shapes with the highest quality and precision. We do this by using our CNC Laser and punching presses in combination, along with careful control of the required pattern.

Metal Staircase Panel Sizes

For non-stock items, we hold extensive stocks of raw material to minimise manufacture-to-order lead times allowing us to minimise downtime for our customers.

Elevate Your Space with Premium Perforated Designs

Why Choose Our Metal Staircase Panels?

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels

Quality Finishes

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products. As part of our quality standards and testing, we ensure that all panels are hand finished to remove any sharp edges and corners so that your product is safe to handle and ready for immediate installation. A range of finishes are available. This includes powder coating, as well as anodizing and galvanising to suit your design and to ensure their durability and resistance to wear, corrosion, and weathering.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels

Bespoke Designs

Your requirements determine our design parameters. While we do not design the panels, we are happy to advise on what will create successful projects.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels

State Of The Art Technology

We have a wide range of tooling for popular hole sizes and patterns, and if you want a custom unique pattern the required tooling is relatively inexpensive.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels

Durable Construction

All panels produced by EE Ingleton are made using only the most robust and high-quality metals. This includes mild steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. The high-quality materials used in our construction ensure resistance to wear, corrosion, and impact - creating a product with an impressive lifespan.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels

Visual Appeal

The endless perforated design options of metal panels allow for a modern and stylish touch to any staircase. Custom-designed patterns, hole shapes, and cutouts can create interesting visual effects, allowing for the play of light and shadow. They are resistant to staining, fading, and warping. This makes them a practical and low-maintenance option for metal staircase panels.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels

Airflow and Ventilation

A perforated design can give the impression of an almost solid panel but will still allow for efficient airflow and ventilation. This is particularly beneficial for enclosed staircases or spaces where proper air circulation is essential.

Metal Staircase Panels Manufacturers in Sheffield

Based in Sheffield, the city of steel itself, EE Ingleton was first established in 1975 when we supplied wearing parts to the animal feed and by-products quarrying and reclaiming industries.

Over the years, our ongoing success is based on total dedication to customer service and our expertly produced products. We pride ourselves on producing bespoke and high-quality products whilst providing expert technical advice to all our clients, from small to multi-national companies.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels