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Architectural Perforated Metal Façade

Meet the demands of modern architectural design with perforated metal façade manufacturing.

EE Ingleton manufacture a wide range of perforated metal architectural facades which are becoming increasingly popular in modern building design.

We manufacture your designs to provide visually striking and contemporary aesthetics to buildings. The patterns created by the perforations can create texture, depth, and visual interest to the façade, helping to enhance the overall architectural design.

EE Ingleton Engineering - PicPerf Metal Facade
PicPerf© perforated patterns at almost photographic resolution

Customisable Perforated Metal Façades

Perforated metal facades offer a high degree of customisation.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to change the shape, size, and pattern of the perforations to meet your specific design requirements. This flexibility helps designers and architects to create unique and personalised perforated metal facades that reflect your vision.

Perforated metal facades are great for providing privacy without sacrificing views and natural light. The density of the holes, usually specified as the “open area” can be tailored to create screening effects that limit the external visibility whilst maintaining a sense of openness from the inside.

EE Ingleton Engineering - PicPerf Metal Facade

Benefits of Perforated Metal Façades

Perforated metal façade panels have several benefits:

This combined with the low maintenance requirement due to their resistance to weathering, corrosion, and fading makes perforated metal facades a great choice.

These benefits make them an attractive choice for architects and designers looking to create functional and visually appealing building exteriors.

PicPerf© perforated patterns at almost photographic resolution

Specialist Perforated Metal Façade Manufacturers

Based in Sheffield, the City of Steel itself, EE Ingleton was first established in 1975 when we supplied wearing parts to the animal feed and by-products quarrying and reclaiming industries. We are proud of our reputation for unparalleled customer service and product excellence.

Over the years, our ongoing success is based on total dedication to customer service and our expertly produced products.

We pride ourselves on producing bespoke and high-quality perforated metal facades whilst providing expert technical advice to all our clients, from small to multi-national companies.