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Aluminium Facade: What Makes It The Perfect Choice For Your Building

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We are experts in manufacturing perforated aluminium facades that are visually striking and unique to our client's needs. With so many amazing benefits, it’s easy to see why they are becoming the architect's go-to building design choice.

At EE Ingleton, we are experts in manufacturing perforated aluminium facades that are visually striking and unique to our client’s needs. 

With so many amazing benefits, it’s easy to see why they are becoming the architect’s go-to building design choice.

If you’re considering a perforated aluminium façade for your building, take a look at some of the top benefits as outlined below:

Customisation and Flexibility

There aren’t many exterior building facades that can be customised in the same way that perforated metal facades can. Architects and engineers can make a building’s façade truly unique, without sacrificing safety or function. 

Perforations can be customised in terms of shape, size, pattern, and density – allowing them to achieve almost any aesthetic or intricate design.

At EE Ingleton, our custom-designed perforated aluminium panels can be customised in the following ways using our specialist CAD Cam and CNC machines:

  • custom hole shape
  • custom hole pattern
  • custom panel shape
  • custom material specification
  • custom fixing & forming requirements


Perforated aluminium facades can contribute to sustainable building practices, as aluminium is a recyclable and long-lasting material. It reduces energy consumption, promotes sustainability, and invites innovation in terms of creative design.

Perforated facades can also decrease the amount of metal used within a design. This in turn results in less weight and lower transportation costs to the building project. 

Aluminium is also a very energy-efficient material and can help to deflect heat, providing a more consistent interior temperature and reducing the cost of utilities.


Perforated aluminium facades have structural strength and integrity that most building facades do not have. They are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and can control or equalize pressure due to their strength-to-weight ratio.

Aluminium facades also decrease the weight of the overall outer building as they do not need heavy supports or frameworks to secure them in place. 

These types of building facades are also very versatile and can be easily bent and shaped to suit a whole host of architectural designs. They can be used simply as a decorative component or to assist in the control of light, sound, and air ventilation.  

Easy To Maintain

To maintain the aesthetic of perforated aluminium facades on a building, all that is necessary is a simple clean every now and then. The metal is resistant to corrosion and rust and can be cleaned with simple tools and solutions.

As aluminium is a long-lasting and durable metal, it is easy to maintain and therefore ecologically and environmentally friendly. As it is so long-lasting, it is also a very cost-effective solution for most architects and engineers.

These benefits make them an attractive choice for architects and designers looking to create functional and visually appealing building exteriors.

Specialist Aluminium Facade Manufacturers Sheffield

Based in Sheffield, the City of Steel itself, EE Ingleton was first established in 1975 when we supplied wearing parts to the animal feed and by-products quarrying and reclaiming industries. We are proud of our reputation for unparalleled customer service and product excellence.

Over the years, our ongoing success has been based on total dedication to customer service and our expertly produced products. EE Ingleton is now a leading supplier of perforated metal facades.

We pride ourselves on producing bespoke and high-quality perforated aluminium facades whilst providing expert technical advice to all our clients from architects to engineers, from small to multi-national companies across the UK.    

Contact a member of our friendly team at EE Ingleton today, to find out how our expert engineers can assist you.

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