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A Step Above: Elevating Functional Design with Unique Metal Staircase Panels

a spiral staircase with perforated panels

As well as providing their primary functional use, metal staircase panels can be used to transform any space due to their adaptability, strength, and aesthetic appeal.

As well as providing their primary functional use, metal staircase panels can be used to transform any space due to their adaptability, strength, and aesthetic appeal.

They are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of environments from industrial settings to offices, commercial buildings, and much more. Produced from high-quality steel, metal staircase panels ensure corrosion resistance, and can withstand extraordinary impact. 

The longevity of professionally manufactured metal staircase panels can have an impressive lifespan, making them not only cost effective, but transformative for any space. 

The Artistry of Metal Staircase Panels

Metal staircase panels can elevate a residential or commercial property and redefine a space. A staircase can be more than just a practical element in a building. It can be transformed into a design feature that can transform an open space.

Metal staircase panels can be the perfect architectural and artistic addition to modernise a space using specialist CNC punching machines to produce almost any shape of panel to meet your design specifications.

At EE Ingleton, we understand the importance of design and practicality. We can create bespoke designs working closely with you to create minimalist, ornate, traditional, and unique patterns to bring your space to life. Our team can assist in the design process and ensure that all designs meet health and safety requirements whilst maintaining the integrity of your design. 

The Functionality of Metal Staircase Panels

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, metal staircase panels offer functionality and structural integrity and are crafted from robust materials.

Designed to withstand heavy footfall, the strength of metal staircases makes them a reliable choice for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They offer resistance to wear and tear over time, making them an affordable inclusion to any building. 

At EE Ingleton, we understand the need to meet health and safety regulations whilst meeting specific design criteria. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that all regulations are met without compromising design features.

How to Customise Your Design

Metal staircase panels can be customised in numerous ways to meet specific design and safety requirements, such as:

Panel Sizes

Metal staircase panels can be customised using high-quality steel to create bold and versatile staircases that can transform a space.

Quality Finishes

There are a range of finishes that can be made available including powder coating, anodizing, and galvanising to suit your design and to ensure their durability and resistance to wear, corrosion, and weathering. 


Staircases can be completely transformed into artistic and visually appealing focal points using state-of-the-art CNC punching machines to transform a metal staircase panel to fit any design brief.

Visual Appeal

Metal staircase panels allow for a modern and stylish touch to any staircase. These can be custom-designed patterns, hole shapes, and cutouts which can help to create interesting visual effects, allowing for the play of light and shadow. 

Airflow and Ventilation

Perforated metal staircase panels can give the impression of an almost solid panel but will still allow for efficient airflow and ventilation which can be crucial in meeting certain design specifications and is particularly beneficial for enclosed staircases or spaces where proper circulation is crucial – whilst maintaining functional design. 

Where Can Metal Staircase Panels Be Used?

Metal staircase panels are extremely adaptable, versatile, and durable and are therefore ideal for use in various environments.

The use of metal staircase panels in commercial buildings can offer a sleek and modern aesthetic whilst enhancing a professional atmosphere. 

Metal staircase panels are often used in hotels to contribute to a sophisticated and contemporary design that can elevate the ambience. Again, these panels are made from high-quality mild steel, aluminium, and stainless steel – making them perfect for areas where there will be high impact.

Residential spaces can also benefit from the incorporation of metal staircase panels to add a stylish and modern finishing touch to any home. 

Why Choose Perforated Metal Staircase Panels?

With customisable designs that cater to minimalist, ornate, traditional, or unique patterns – they can be produced to suit commercial, industrial, residential, and other spaces. Metal staircase panels can become artistic and architectural focal points that can help to transform any space.  

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, metal staircase panels can be the most practical choice, crafted from high-quality steel and being corrosion resistant and exceptionally durable, and are the most cost-effective choice due to their long lifespan.

Metal Staircase Panels by EE Ingleton

At EE Ingleton, we understand the need to meet specific design criteria but also ensure functionality in terms of offering structural integrity, safety, and reliability. 

Working closely with clients, we will always ensure that metal staircase panels meet health and safety standards and regulations without compromising your design needs. 

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