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What makes us different?

The Values By Which We Live

Our Vision

Why – Because we know we can provide organisations and their engineers with high-quality, consistent, and reliable wear parts to efficiently run their plant and equipment with minimal downtime.

Our vision is to be recognised as the most flexible and responsive partner for long-lasting engineered wear parts in the recycling, feed milling, and quarrying industries. This is based on our commitment to develop products, as well as our expertise, trust, and value.

Our Core Values

We believe that working hard as a team with loyalty, trust, respect, honesty, and continuous improvement will help us to succeed.

EE Ingleton Engineering Animal Feed Milling & Recycling Products

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue adding value for manufacturers by providing a full range of wearing parts engineered to meet and exceed our customers’ demands. Not only do we know how to provide more options than our competition - but we do also it quicker!

Our diverse range and back catalogue for legacy machines are unrivalled, and our expertise gives you the products you need, when you need them.

Our Purpose

Our commitment to understanding a diverse range of customer-led products helps organisations and engineers to maximise uptime and aids profitable production lines.

Driving excellence together

What This Means

Understanding Our Values

Quality Products and Services

Manufacturing Process - EE Ingleton Engineering
EE Ingleton Engineering Granulator Screens & Recycling Products

Quality, Service, Reliability, Trust

This is what we are about – providing solutions to customers every day, with minimal disruption or cost.

Founded in 1975, EE Ingleton Engineering started as a manufacturer of beaters and screens for the feed milling industry, developing the through-hardened long life chrome boron beaters which became the industry standard.

As the number of feed mills consolidated, we expanded our customer base to the recycling and industrial sector.

In the last 10 years, we have upgraded our plant and equipment to manufacture larger heavier duty screens. This includes the development of through-hardened screens which give much longer life than the pre-hardened Hardox/Raex material.

At EE Ingleton Engineering, our recycling applications include; granulator, shredder, and drier screens for recycling across a range of materials including polymers, wood, tyres, glass, and metal.

We also supply screens and swing hammers for hammer mills, pulverisers, and crushers for a broad range of industries such as energy from waste (EFR), Biomass, Petfood, quarrying and wood processing.

Recycling and Industrial Screens by EE Ingleton Engineering
Manufacturing Process - EE Ingleton Engineering

Perforation Perfected

Architectural Applications

Our recent investment in plant and machinery has allowed us a “second string to our bow”.

Our state-of-the-art punching machines can also be used to manufacture perforated panels for a wide range of architectural applications. We have had many high-profile projects over recent years.

We also offer perforated panels for balustrades, staircase infills, building and car park cladding, decorative screening, and much more. 

We have invested in industry-leading high-quality machinery including punching, laser and press brake facilities which allow us to produce a full range of bespoke perforated panels.

We also have our PicPerf© range, enabling us to produce a perforated image from a jpeg file which can be as large as the side of a building, or a small decorative panel for the home or garden.

EE Ingleton Engineering - Metal Staircase Infill Panels
PicPerf© perforated patterns at almost photographic resolution
EE Ingleton Engineering - PicPerf Metal Facade
EE Ingleton Engineering Perforated Metal Cladding Panels

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